Information-Driven Business
How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage

Robert Hillard

Robert was invited to explain the principles behind Information-Driven Business to the Australian Radio National audience.  You access the full audio or read the transcript on the ABC Radio National Ockham's Razor web site.

Robert Hillard
"The question that any organization needs to ask itself is whether it is using information to create the most dynamic, responsive, and adaptable enterprise possible or is it using information to satisfy the need for power by a privaleged few?"
from Information-Driven Business: How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage

Managing information has become as vital to a business as managing financial information is to its accounting functions. With information pervading every aspect of your organization—from report ing and marketing to product development and resource allocation—it only makes sense for your business to turn its data into functional knowledge that powers revenues, manages costs, and achieves a consistent level of profitability.

Drawing from techniques that author Robert Hillard has applied in some of the world’s largest companies and government departments, Information-Driven Business reveals how business leaders can more effectively govern, manage, and exploit their company’s most important asset: information.

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