Information-Driven Business
How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage

Robert Hillard

Robert Hillard was an original founder of MIKE2.0 which provides a standard approach for Information and Data Management projects.  He has held international consulting leadership roles and provided advice to government and private sector clients around the world.  He is a Partner with Deloitte with more than 25 years experience in the discipline, focusing on standardised approaches to Information Management including being one of the first to use XBRL in government regulation and the promotion of information as a business asset rather than a technology problem.

Robert led the charge to redefine Big Data in terms that make sense for the profession. Read the definition picked-up by MIKE2.0: Big Data Definition. The focus on complexity that this article uses (based on Robert's original blog posting) has now been widely picked-up.

You can follow Robert on Twitter and also read his blogs: Information-Driven Business as well as his regular postings in Navigating the Information Maze and the MIKE2.0 blog.

Robert Hillard and his book, Information-Driven Business, received great coverage in the media.

Robert Hillard
"The question that any organization needs to ask itself is whether it is using information to create the most dynamic, responsive, and adaptable enterprise possible or is it using information to satisfy the need for power by a privileged few?"
from Information-Driven Business: How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage

Managing information has become as vital to a business as managing financial information is to its accounting functions. With information pervading every aspect of your organization—from reporting and marketing to product development and resource allocation—it only makes sense for your business to turn its data into functional knowledge that powers revenues, manages costs, and achieves a consistent level of profitability.

Drawing from techniques that author Robert Hillard has applied in some of the world’s largest companies and government departments, Information-Driven Business reveals how business leaders can more effectively govern, manage, and exploit their company’s most important asset: information.

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