Information-Driven Business
How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage

Robert Hillard


Cover在 当前经济全球化的形势下,任何组织都需要利用信息来创造最有活力的、反应迅速、适应性强的企业。管理信息已经成为业务发展中至关重要的方面。作者借助在全 球著名公司和组织中总结的信息技术,通过信息驱动的商务揭示了企业领导人应该如何更有效地治理、管理和利用其公司的信息。《信息驱动的商务:管理数据和信 息的最优化》是技术和思想的结合,高屋建瓴地围绕核心思想——信息驱动的商务来展开分析。把信息驱动的商务应用于实际业务问题将会给企业带来立竿见影的效 果。 《信息驱动的商务:管理数据和信息的最优化》是一本介绍信息驱动商务的实践指南,适合任何信息化企业的管理人员和技术人员阅读。

Robert Hillard是MIKE 2.0项目( 的创始人之一,该项目为信息和数据管理项目提供一套标准的解决方案。作为一名国际性的咨询领导者,他为全世界范围的企业客户提供咨询服务。他是 Deloitte(德勤)事务所的合伙人之一,在该领域有20多年的经验,重点专注于信息管理的标准化解决方案,率先在政府监管项目中采用XBRL(可扩 展商业报表语言)以及倡议信息是商业资产而不是技术问题。

China launch
Norman Sze (Deloitte Consulting, China, Managing Partner) launches the Chinese edition of Information-Driven Business (November 2011)

Robert Hillard and his book, Information-Driven Business, have received great coverage in the media.

"Robert Hillard gets it! The sheer quantity of information that is descending upon our organizations means that we can’t just “wing it” when it comes to managing information. The strategic imperative to manage information effectively is now irreversible - with devastating consequences for those who assume it is otherwise. The book provides you with a thorough understanding of how to find, control, and optimize YOUR information assets."

"Information-Driven Business takes a highly complex subject like information theory and makes it far more accessible for the general reader.  It is truly a call to action for an effective transition to the new information economy.  If you are a student preparing to join the workforce, a seasoned information management professional or an executive looking to make your business thrive through better information, you'll benefit from Hillard's innovative thinking and pragmatic recommendations."
Sean McClowry,Senior Vice President – Knowledge Management, Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute 

"The book brilliantly combines a broad historical view of information management foundations with cutting edge nowadays advances in Information Governance including the notion of Economic Value of Information the author pioneered. Information governance metrics - what are they? The book provides some unique answers to this very important question. Great book for business executives, information technology professionals and others who want to better understand the role of information in our society and for the corporate world".

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