Information-Driven Business

Information doesn’t just provide a window on the business, increasingly it is the business.  Information-Driven Business (Wiley 2010) helps you to understand this change and find the value in your data.  Hillard explains techniques that organizations can use and how business can apply them immediately.  For example, simple changes to the way data is described will let staff support their customers much more quickly and two simple measures let executives know whether they will be able to use the content of a database before it is even built.

Available in English and Chinese.

Information Development using MIKE2.0

MIKE2.0 was the first open source methodology for information and data management professionals.  Established in 2006, the approach and has been adopted by businesses and government departments around the world..

To complement the online tools, Andreas Rindler, Sean McClowry, Robert Hillard and Sven Mueller have assembeled some of the most used elements of MIKE2.0 into a handy guide: Information-Develpment using MIKE2.0.