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Value of decommissioning legacy systems
Published: 18 Dec 2011 by Robert Hillard
Most organisations reward their project managers for achieving scope, within a given timeframe for a specified budget.  While scope is usually measured in terms of user functions most projects usually include the decommissioning of legacy systems.  Unfortunately it is the … Continue reading

Embracing the unexpected
Published: 20 Nov 2011 by Robert Hillard
The nineteen century belonged to the engineers.  Western society had been invigorated and changed beyond recognition by the industrial revolution through its early years and by its close the railroads were synonymous with the building of wealth. The nineteen century … Continue reading

The future of social networks
Published: 23 Oct 2011 by Robert Hillard
When the telephone was invented the first networks were private, typically between rich individuals and their industrial interests.  Pretty quickly, though, people wanted to be able to talk to each other without the need to worry about multiple networks and, … Continue reading

Paying for value rather than activity
Published: 25 Sep 2011 by Robert Hillard
Since the 1980s the costs associated with functions that are shared have been increasingly allocated to business units in such a way as to drive accountability. For information technology this was relatively easy in the late 1980s as the majority … Continue reading

A small idea with big implications
Published: 24 Aug 2011 by Robert Hillard
In the 1990s Philippe Kahn, a founder of Borland (a big name in programming languages), left and began a new enterprise called Starfish.  He talked in several interviews about creating small lightweight software that ran as part of the desktop … Continue reading

CIOs need to measure the right things
Published: 24 Jul 2011 by Robert Hillard
If you’re a Chief Information Officer (CIO) there are three things that your organization expects of you: 1) keep everything running; 2) add new capabilities; and 3) do it all as cheaply as possible.  The metrics that CIOs typically use … Continue reading

The “four layer” model applied to unstructured content
Published: 24 Jun 2011 by Robert Hillard
In my book, Information-Driven Business, I introduce a four layer model for information.  You can also read more about this model in the MIKE2.0 article: Four Layers of Information. The four layer model provides a way of describing information in … Continue reading

Can we make the Information Revolution better for society?
Published: 28 May 2011 by Robert Hillard
It is easy to assume that access to massive amounts of information is good for society.  Perhaps we should also look at the role the move to an Information Economy is having on the reversal of generations of movement towards … Continue reading

Is Information Management an evolution or a revolution?
Published: 14 May 2011 by Robert Hillard
I was recently asked by ABC Radio National in Australia to explain the principles behind my book, Information-Driven Business.  The following is extracted from the program or you can listen to the full broadcast online. I’ve spent more than twenty … Continue reading

Is “The New Small” the future of big business?
Published: 25 Apr 2011 by Robert Hillard
The most important thing about the evolution of cloud computing is the ability to setup a business quickly without the delays and cost associated with establishing dedicated infrastructure.  Phil Simon has written a book, The New Small, which demonstrates that … Continue reading

Why aren’t I working a four hour day?
Published: 07 Apr 2011 by Robert Hillard
In the 1970s and 1980s, many writers mused that the increasing computing capability available to business and government was going to greatly reduce the work required to run our economy and society.  We were told that in the twenty first … Continue reading

Information overload and innovation
Published: 19 Mar 2011 by Robert Hillard
I often hear people talking about the amount of data that is being created as being unprecedented.  It isn’t.  What is unprecedented is its retention.  We are all conditioned to the “growth of data”.  This is really lazy language and … Continue reading

Facebook as a way of sharing information with your customers
Published: 26 Feb 2011 by Robert Hillard
It’s been a lucrative decade for consultants in information management with new work being as easy to win as saying the word “compliance”.  Executives are more than willing to sign-up new consulting engagements based the need to meet their compliance … Continue reading

The Small Worlds data measure applied to business innovation
Published: 06 Feb 2011 by Robert Hillard
In my book, Information-Driven Business, I introduce the concept of the “Small Worlds” test on information.  In summary, this measure determines the relationship between complexity and separation in any data.  One of the best ways to apply this test is … Continue reading

Reclaim email as a business tool
Published: 12 Jan 2011 by Robert Hillard
Any serious business discussion about information must include email.  Like it or loathe it, email is a major part of every knowledge worker’s life.  Unfortunately many staff have grown to hate its intrusion into their personal time, the fragmentation of … Continue reading


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